Moonwalk 2/23/2012
Winter at Harrington Beach

This winter has been so mild that I have had few opportunities to capture snow and ice photos. The fields are bare, none of the fluffy white stuff to be found. In January, the only place I could find anything interesting was on the shores of Lake Michigan at Harrington Beach State Park. It looked like the surface of the moon, with the snow craters and moguls.

I was very interested in capturing ice and frost patterns. It was so cold that I could actually watch ice crystals grow at my feet on the water that had pooled away from the shore. It was such an amazing experience I captured a bit of it on video. This is not a time lapse video! They were actually growing that quickly.

This video has been acquired by The National Geographic Channel for an upcoming TV movie.

Here are a few more digital images from my afternoon moonwalk.

I didn't find the intricate ice patterns that I was looking for but it was a fabulous day to be outside with my cameras even if it was a bit cold. Fingers are frozen! Time to head home!

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