Oaxaca Cultural Tour 2020 1/12/2020


Photographic Cultural Tour Oaxaca, Mexico

 May, 24-May 29, 2020

Participants in this tour will be introduced to a city filled with history and beauty. It has magnificent cathedrals and street architecture reminding one of Europe. The surrounding area is dotted with towns virtually untouched by modernity and the indigenous individuals speak Zapotec and Mixtec among other languages. These towns are also known for beautiful and unique crafts, which are modestly priced.

Photographic opportunities are plentiful among colorfully clad vendors in the open-air markets, the nearby Monte Álban

Archaeological site, regular festivals and parades, and exotic foliage within this mountainous terrain. Restaurant and street food are unique to the region, delicious and modestly priced. Oaxaca is known for, among other things, its many types of mole, a refined culture of mezcal production, and Chapulines (grasshoppers). It is an exceptionally safe and friendly city.

Oaxaca is a UNESCO World Heritage site. (

The tour will give participants an insider’s immersion in all of the above. We will stay in a conveniently located, historic hacienda style B & B, Casa Colonial, ( which is festooned with beautiful foliage, a museum’s quality Folk Art, and comfortable accommodations. The tour will include group trips to locations as above, but will include sufficient time and assistance for independent explorations. There will be visits to the homes/studios of four important Oaxacan photographers, Antonio Turok (, Marcela Taboada (, and Citlali Fabián ( Another excellent photographer, Eva Lepiz, will accompany the tour throughout. (

Participants may bring any type of camera. Assistance will be available for the beginning through upper level proficiency photographers. The week will culminate in a pop-up photographic exhibition at a local gallery. The price of the tour includes fees, housing, ten meals and costs associated with local travel. It does not include travel to/from Oaxaca. There will be six nights/five days of programming for $1999. Discounts are available for spouses and partners. A deposit of $400 by April 1, will hold a place, which is limited to 12 participants. Previous visitors have enjoyed extending beyond the week in order to experience more of this entrancing place.

For questions and/or more information, see ( or contact Vicki Reed at or Gary Goldberg (904 782-0884)


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