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Recently I have begun gathering plants when on outings with my parents who are in their late 80s and experiencing memory loss. I create lumen prints with what I have gathered as a memory of our time together. Their disappearing memories are not unlike the fading plants in my prints. Lumen printing is a cameraless technique creating photograms by using black and white darkroom photographic paper, plants, found objects, or negatives, etc. Most of the plants used in these lumen prints were gathered from my gardens and those of my parents. The plants were placed on black and white photographic paper and left in the sun for 30 minutes to several hours. The colors are a result of the type of paper and plants, humidity, and intensity of sunlight and are quite unpredictable. I sometimes scan the images before fixing if I like the color as most of the color fades when placed in fixer, which is needed to make the images permanent. The resulting photographs are ghost images of the original plants, fleeting memories of summers and shared times.
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